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Pointers for Kicking Off Your Job Search in 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

In 2020, Americans were witness to the highest unemployment rate since 1933. Yet, the pandemic’s recession was largely offset by powerful economic gains and a resurgence in employment opportunity. As recovery continues and the employment outlook brightens for 2021, there are many job seekers eager to land a position in the new year. As a result, job seekers who wish to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers must set job search goals and continue to network throughout 2021.

Here are a few pointers to get you moving forward with a fresh start:

Set Clear Goals

The job search is much easier when individuals set objectives regarding the type of employment they seek. Despite the economic lows that America hit during 2020, the country’s economy is adding many new jobs. Setting search standards will help talent sift through the slew of Indeed or LinkedIn postings. Positions can be found more efficiently when the candidate narrows their search for certain job titles, possible companies, and industries of interest.

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Furthermore, there is a greater emphasis on how and where people are working. While 2020 was the year of remote work, the new year will bring more people back into their respective offices. Job seekers should be clear in their search whether they’re interested in remote, hybrid, or in-office positions. In this sense, there are more options for talent and hiring companies than ever before. For example, remote positions across the globe are now attainable for individuals who want to stay in their hometown. Whatever their “dream job” might be, talent has to be more specific as they search for careers in 2021.

The job search can take days, weeks, months, or more. For this reason, candidates must track their applications in a way that works for them. Whether it’s an Excel Spreadsheet, Google Doc, or handwritten note, candidates should keep logs of the jobs in which they’ve applied for, hiring manager contacts, and any other necessary information. Having this data in one place will allow the job seeker to make adjustments to their employment strategy along the way. What’s more, tracking applications will ensure that talent can follow up on all open applications and network with newfound connections.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Competition is fierce along the job search and 2021 will be no exception to this fact. Job seekers are up against a diverse sea of talent ranging from professionals with years of experience to newly graduated alumni.

Job seekers should differentiate themselves by first updating their resume to showcase ways they’ve succeeded or achieved success for past employers. Furthermore, cover letters should be tailor-written for each application. Between the resume and cover letter, the candidate must showcase relevant experience as well as hard and soft skills that make them the easy choice for the job at hand.

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What’s more, having an online presence that provides tangible proof of work samples and a professional portfolio is a must-have. Talent must connect with agents and hiring managers using platforms like LinkedIn as to transfer this information before there is any talk of an interview. Digital networking was the story of 2020 and there’s no doubt this will be a necessary component during a 2021 job search.

Much of the time, the job search is a job of its own. Candidates must remember to set goals and continuously network. However, they must also make sure to take time off when necessary. Leaving the search for a day or two is refreshing and invigorating for talent to put their best effort forth. When it finally comes time to interview, candidates should remember how much of an investment the hiring process is for businesses and take it seriously to achieve the best outcome. No matter what, any conversation is simply a new connection. As we’ve learned from 2020, success cannot be found without fellow men and women. Keep the connections going through 2021 to stimulate the best job search results.


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