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Employment Outlook for Fall 2020: Tips for Job Seekers

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

As the USA staggers out of 2020’s coronavirus lockdown, American workers are beginning to go back to work (virtually). As much as 42% of the nation’s workforce is now working from home, according to a Stanford University report. Jobs are coming back and hiring is taking place. However, the unemployment rate still sits above 10% (some argue it’s more like 13%). Much is uncertain: there may be incentives to go back to work as well as reasons to stay home. Either way, it does seem that there is work for those on the search. Job seekers must pay attention to growing industries and apply their specific skills in these prospering markets.

Man working from bed with child next to him

So, what jobs are in demand now? Let’s start with process of elimination—it seems retail, restaurant, hospitality, and travel jobs are going to be the slowest to come back. On the other hand, industries like fitness, transportation, health care, technology, clean energy, and marketing are bustling, according to Acorns. Jobs inside industries like these are most likely to be hiring, according to LinkedIn’s in-demand job analysis.

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Currently, many brick-and-mortar gyms are having trouble. However, the fitness industry that hosted about 400,000 jobs in 2018 is poised to grow 13% by 2028, according to Acorns. People are finding ways to bring fitness and nutrition home with them. Personal trainers and yoga instructors are developing video classes, DIY workout regimes, and diet suggestions. ClassPass is a fitness-tech company that partners with smaller gyms and individual trainers to facilitate remote workouts, according to CNN. Workout equipment company, Peleton (PTON) had a breakout during COVID as individuals ordered their bikes. Overall, a greater focus on fitness and nutrition came as one positive from the pandemic—a trend this industry is hoping will snowball.


Transportation and logistics companies have carried through corona like the “essential” businesses they were deemed. Drivers of all types and logisticians seem to be in high demand as the pandemic proved the supply chains nationwide needed to be reworked. Where retail has shrunk, online shopping (direct-to-consumer delivery) has skyrocketed. Going forward, it is likely the transportation market has room to grow as the need for more efficient, crisis-proof supply chains has been recently highlighted.

Health Care

Need we explain further? There had already been an increase in demand for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses before lockdown. Today, traditional health care jobs are in-demand. Plus, there may continue to be a surge in telemedicine or remote health care services into the future.

Male wearing a virtual reality helmet

Technology / Software

Part of the reason the S&P 500 has rebounded to pre-pandemic numbers has to do with Big-Tech flourishing, according to CBS. Technology developers have no issue with the work-from-home grind. What’s more, job seekers who didn’t want to move far away to work for Silicon Valley’s tech companies can now apply with confidence that remote work will continue on.

Clean Energy

Pennsylvania’s clean energy sector grew by 8.7% or 7,800 jobs over the past two years, according to a report by Governor Wolf’s Administration. It would make sense if this trend was representative nationwide as states like PA and CA legislate incentives for clean energy companies to press on. Elon Musk and the success of Tesla is yet another reason why the clean energy industry will be hiring. Job seekers should look for positions within clean energy generation (solar, wind, nuclear), energy efficiency (high efficiency HVAC, efficient lighting, etc.), electric vehicle manufacturing, etc.

Marketing & Sales

Each one of the flourishing industries and companies listed above have marketing and sales departments. While many marketing, advertising, and sales positions were cut or furloughed during the pandemic’s recession—these positions also seem to come back quickly. Did you notice every company had a televised advertisement with COVID messaging? Marketing, advertising, and sales are necessary for competitive companies within flourishing industries.

"We want you" written on chairs

Job seekers have to go with the market. Having the skill to market yourself to companies that are doing well can be just as important as the skill you’re trained for. Job candidates must find out how their skillset can help a company, then pursue that.


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