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Talent Services

DefeindTalent understands your unique needs and supports you through a holistic talent services approach. 

We partner with you to understand your needs & get meaningful results.

Powered by a Digital Product Agency, DefinedTalent benefits from DefinedLogic’s wealth of industry experience and holistic approach to Digital. Our shared foundational point of view, the Digital Universe, depicts the points of collaboration across business disciplines essential for digital success.  


Talent Acquisition

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, adept navigation through the complexities of finding the right fit for both employers and candidates is paramount. ​

  • A strong foundation - we develop connections to better understand your needs,  job requirements and cultural environment​

  • Tailored recruitment strategies - we leverage various channels from traditional job boards to social media networks.​

  • Proactive candidate sourcing - we utilize direct outreach, referrals and professional networks


Talent Development

DefinedTalent understands the vitality of nurturing talent and fostering growth. We use a holistic approach encompassing a variety of programs and training.

  • Training and Development Programs - Design and implement training programs to enhance the skills and competencies of employees

  • Performance Management - Develop performance management systems and processes to monitor, evaluate and enhance employee performance

  • Career Pathing - Provide guidance and support to employees in defining and advancing their career paths within the organization

  • Leadership DevelopmentOffer leadership development programs to cultivate and groom future leaders within the organization

  • Mentorship ProgramsFacilitate mentorship relationships between experienced professionals and emerging talent to foster growth and development

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training - Provide training and education on diversity and inclusion topics to promote a culture of inclusivity and equity


Talent Retention

Organizations recognize the pivotal role of employee engagement and satisfaction in driving productivity and fostering a thriving workplace culture. 

  • Employee Engagement Initiatives - Implement initiatives to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, such as wellness programs, team-building activities and recognition programs.

  • Career Development Opportunities - Create opportunities for employees to grow and advance within the organization through challenging assignments, cross-functional projects and promotion pathways.

  • Feedback and Recognition - Establish mechanisms to provide regular feedback and recognition to employees for their contributions and achievements

  • Work-Life Balance SupportOffer flexible work arrangements and support services to help employees achieve work-life balance and maintain overall well-being

  • Exit Interviews and Analysis - Conduct exit interviews with departing employees to gather feedback and insights for continuous improvement ​and retention strategies


Employee Career Coaching

Embarking on a successful career journey requires more than just qualifications and experience; it demands a strategic approach and tailored guidance to navigate the competitive job market effectively. 

  • Comprehensive career services - Assist individuals to understand their strengths, aspirations and professional goals while effectively utilizing their unique value proposition as they grow within a company

  • Professional tools - We offer a range of services aimed at guiding current and potentially new employees through every stage of their company's growth trajectories


Additional Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the ever-evolving human resources landscape by partnering with and empowering organizations to thrive.  

  • HR Consulting - Provide strategic HR consulting services to help organizations optimize their talent management processes, policies and practices.

  • Employer Branding - Assist clients in building and promoting their employer brand to attract and retain top talent in the competitive market

  • Workforce Planning - Support organizations in forecasting talent needs, identifying skill gaps and developing strategies to address future workforce requirements

  • Talent Analytics - Utilize data analytics and metrics to analyze talent trends, measure performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize talent strategies

  • Compliance and Risk Management - Ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations, mitigate risks related to talent management and implement best practices for legal and ethical conduct

  • Events/Speaking Engagements/Workshops - Offer subject matter experts depending on goals 

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