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Emails that Encourage Action

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It has become the norm to check our emails frequently throughout the day, for both personal and professional reasons. Users receive so much mail that thousands of messages go unread, filter into spam or accidentally get labeled as junk. Since we spend a large chunk of each day either composing or responding to emails, it is best to be considerate of your audience and work to engage them through proper email etiquette, unique subject lines and alternative signoffs.

Authenticity is Best

The challenges of verbal communication are multiplied in written communication as it leaves it up to the reader to interpret your message. In read-only formats, it’s much easier to misconstrue the purpose, tone or urgency of the message. Stick to a clear, basic communication structure that utilizes correct grammar and punctuation. All caps and exclamation marks are easily misunderstood and improperly used. Try to convey the most authentic part of yourself in a light, professional tone.

Elderly woman typing on pink laptop

Email Tips

  • Craft a professional email signature

  • Utilize grammar/spell check

  • Double-check send/receive list (in a rush we tend to send to incorrect individuals or miss a letter in an email address)

  • Aim for a succinct message delivered in as few characters as possible, use numbered lists and bullets

  • Shorten long links and ensure clickable content

  • Avoid sending emails in anger

  • Remember that emails are part of your digital footprint

How to Say Goodbye

  • Great working with you

  • Sending you good vibes

  • Looking forward to hearing from you

  • Thank you in advance

  • Will follow up with more information soon

  • Here’s to a great (weekday, weekend)


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